1. What is NINPAR? 

NINPAR is the Nudes In Nature Photo Art Retreat. At NINPAR, Models and photographers come together at a fantastic outdoor location and practice the arts of nude photography and nude modeling.

2. How does NINPAR work?


It's simple, really easy! 
First, you purchase your ticket  TICKETING 
Then you register on NINPAR.com, and after you are approved, you complete your profile.
You can then begin to network with models and photographers directly, and start to fill your schedule with shoots and activities! Or, if you prefer, you can wait until you get to NiNPAR to select the models or photographers you want to work with.

3.What activities are there to do at NINPAR? 

One-on-one shoots, group shoots, theme shoots, workshops, mentoring, presentations, hanging out, networking,eating, swimming, bird watching, hiking, and having a great time!

4.What kinds of shoots can we do at NINPAR? 

Fine art figure, nude, and glamor nude shooting in a broad  variety of settings: Forest, fields, hills, pond, river, pool (poolside, swimming, underwater), old house, fireside, canoes, Maypole, and many other creative themes. Please see almost 500 images from last years NINPAR at our meetup group CLICK HERE  for some basic ideas. (You will have to join the group, it is free to join.) Although all NiNPAR models will pose nude, note that all have greatly differing limits  

5.What does it cost?

 The registration fee pays for the use of the 150 acre campsite and facilities. After that, each photographer sets thier own budget. Please see the ticketing page at:  Photographer or Model  for current cost and availability.

6.What is a typical budget? 

Most photographers probably spend between $100 and $1000 per day. 

Some photographers will shoot 5 or so hours per day at a model cost of $40 - $60 per hour, totaling perhaps $250 per day.   Other photographers will spend over $100 per model hour for 10 or so hours, totaling over $1,000 per day.  Many photographers find it important to take advantage of the low cost group shoots, there are a a few free session, but most group sessions require payment.  Although prices start as low as $12 (all inclusive) most group shoots start between $20 and $30. (Sessions with two models cost about twice as much. Horse shoots cost more also.)   With good planning photographers can have 6 hours of group shooting for under $100.  (Note that the above figures are for model cost only.)

7.How are payments made to models?


 It varies; some event, group shoots, and workshop tickets are purchased through the EVENT BRITE. Some models are hired directly and payment is arranged directly with them. When you pay for a group shoot, the cost of the model is included. When you hire a model one-on-one, you pay the model directly for her time. Each model will have different pricing. 

8. How many models and photographers attend?

Our goal is 22 models & 60 Photographers on 150
 acres of grass & trees Private lake 2 Swimming Pools a hot tub in the western mountains of NC al rooms have  Electricity Ample Free Parking


9. If I don't want to pay in advance, can I pay cash at the gate?

No. Please be aware that the "at the gate" may not happen at this event we may sell out. 

10. Are model releases available?

Yes, broad, commercial, model releases are available directly from the models. The releases are usually (but not always) included in the price. Read notices carefully and ask the models if you are not sure. When not included, the price is $10 for a model release and $10 for an age certification form (2257).


11. Can photographers be nude?

No. Only models can be nude.


1.Can I add more images to my profile?

 Currently you can have up to 100'sof images on your directory and you can add 100's of photos to your profile page by looking to the left on your profile page and locate the black tab/button that says Photos. Then follow the instruction in that window. 

2.My photographer profile seems to have disappeared from the Photographers list... did I do something wrong, or is it a glitch? 

The  reason your photo disappeared is that any time you upload a new photo to your Directory page, it will be reviewed and then approved. This will not happen when adding photos to you profile pages. You may contact the NINPAR.com support, we'll sort it out for you!

3.I signed up on NINPAR.com about 3 days ago, but can't find my profile on the photographers/models page yet?

 Photographers and models must purchase their ticket before their NINPAR.com profile becomes active.If you have paid and you still do not see you profile contact the NINPAR.com support, we'll sort it out for you!

4.I'm not seeing my profile in the photographers group -- Uploaded the wrong images to the profile -- Confused about how to edit the profile?

Just contact NINPAR.com support, we'll sort it out for you!

5.I need to pay for my spot and I can not get logged in ! 

You do not need a log in to buy your ticket go to this link for TICKETING 

6.Please help me with my log in info I think I registered awhile back , I need my Login info the username and password please!

Just contact NINPAR.com support, we'll sort it out for you!

NINPAR Photographer FAQ

1.What is the advantage of registering early? 

Lower cost of ticket for one thing.  Early on, all of the models will be available, and scheduling will be very easy. Later on many models will be partially or fully booked, and the time or model you want might not be available. You get to start booking models before they're booked up! 

2. Who can I shoot?

You may photograph individual models you hire to model for you.  You may also photography models in groups you are signed up for. You may ONLY photograph models if you are signed up and currently scheduled to work with them.

3.Where do you sign up to Shoot Models? 

You can contact them here on the web site or at any contact info they have on the profile pages. 

4.Where is the List of Models? 

Model List 

5.What is the pricing to attend the 200 acres of nature & nudes? 

For current availability & price, please check: Photographer tickets

6.Can I bring a guest with me to NINPAR? 

Only if they purchase an admission ticket.

7.Can we use unloaded firearms as props in the shoots? 

Yes, but no ammo. You must: A) declair you will be bringing them, and B) have your registration & permit, just as is required to carry a gun in Maryland i.e., Obey all state laws. If  your weapon is discharged you will be ejected, with no refund.

8.Curious to know how does it work?As a photographer, do I pay the entrance and then need to pay the model I want to shoot? How does that work that part, haven't found it on the site.

It's simple, really easy! 
First, you purchase your ticket. 
Then you register on NINPAR.com, and after you are approved, you complete your profile.
You can then begin to network with models and photographers directly, and start to fill your 70-hour schedule with shoots and activities! Or, if you prefer, you can wait until you get to NiNPAR to select the models or photographers you want to work with.

 9.What is the cost of Membership to NINPAR?

As of now there is no cost to be a member just  the price of your entry ticket.    

10.I have a spot being held, but aside from the entrance fee, do I also have to pay for each model I shoot? 

11. May I run a photography session at NINPAR? 

Running a photography session at NiNPAR requires special permission. Only very talented & experienced 'togs will be considered.

12.While you may not plan an unapproved group shoot, you may do inpromptu teaming up to shoot with a model(s). 

"Hey Joe, want to join me shooting Sally?" Yes, but it requires the model's permission.

13. What is "Sniping"?


 ”Sniping” includes, but is not limited to, taking pictures from a distance without the knowledge & permission of the subject. It also includes all other kinds of surreptitious and candid image making.Sniping is strictly PROHIBITED. Do NOT do it!



1. What is the advantage of registering early? 

You can start to fill your bookings, refer photographers, and plan activities.  Many photographers will be fully booked months before NiNPAR begins.

2. As with the AZ shoot out, we had to attend a certain amount of free group shoots. Is that so here as well??

NO you do not  

3.How do I plan a group shoot around a certain theme and in a certain camp location?

Generally, Camp locations may be used on an "As available" basis.  It will be possible to book certain select locations (e.g., the White House & the large shower) in advance.  Randy will be taking care of that.

4. How do we figure out what photographers want to pay to set up one on one shoots w/ particular models?

You set a price. If no one wants to hire you your price is too high.  If every one immediately wants to hire you your price is too low.  As a rule, new models will have to work at lower prices to attract customers.

5.   May I run a group shoot?

Models may run shoots.  They may also appear as a second model in a group shoot being run by a different model.  Models set their own group shoot prices; There are additional requirements for posting group shoot notices.

Announcements must include the following words:


7.How do I maximize my earnings?

This is where you own busine acquity comes into play, but some suggestions to help you:

Come early to the area , stay late in the area! There's nothing stopping you from booking with NINPAR photographers in the days and weeks adjacent to NINPAR!

Road Trip! Drive to NINPAR, booking shoots in the cities and states you travel through on the way to & from NINPAR

Fly into a slightly distant airport, get a rental car and book shoots in that city before and/or after NINPAR.

Request your referal code to give photographer $20 discount and get a $20 commission. (Not Retro)

Sign up early - get most bookings, most referrals.

Advertise frequently and all over!  Post banners every place that allows you to do so

Participate in discussions on the NiNPAR wall & the the face book page 

Although there is great temptation to do so, avoid spending time at NiNPAR with your model friends (they will not hire you).

If you are not working, on Friday and early Saturday, be at the sign in desk so you can approach photographers that have just arrived. 

When asking for assignments have your make-up on and be wearing your working clothing (nothing). 

Have, and always hand out, business cards.

Keep accurate records (e-mail, phone, & city/state) of the photographers you work with. Your last customer is more likely to be your next customer than a stranger.

A dollar you get is better than two dollars you do not get.