Condensed Rules: Play nice, respect one another (see details below).


Ninpar Rules


This is an 18+ event. You MUST be at least 18 years old and able to prove it. You MUST have  government issued photo I.D. (usually a drivers license or passport) to enter the grounds.  If you are younger than 18 years old, you may NOT enter the grounds, but we look forward to you returning when you are 18 or older.


Nearly everyone hates rules. We would like to have fewer rules, Camp Ramblewood is fully aware of the nature of NINPAR and has always given groups like ours complete freedom. This freedom is what makes Ramblewood a great place for NINPAR. We plan on protecting that freedom while keeping things safe.  WE want to leave Ramblewood knowing that we will be welcomed back for future events. The event rules are posted here to outline our expectations for attendees.


We want to keep things open and transparent, so we’re all on the same page when we arrive at the event. We figure, once you’re there, the less time you have to spend reading the rules, the more time there is for you to be both in front and behind the lens having fun. If you have any questions after reading the Event Rules, email us at







Members are strongly encouraged to post their images from group events in the relevant NiNPAR ( photo folders. Needless to say, you should post only your own images for which you have valid model releases. However, we also have a "Scatter Shot" folder where non-NiNPAR 2013 images may be posted. Again, post only your own images for which you have model releases.  Models may post images for self promotion, at current or future events. The 100 mile exclusion: you may NOT promote other events, or yourself at other events, within 100 miles of Rockville, MD without our approval. Models usually have photographers’ permission to use the photographers' images of the model for self-promotion, but check with the photographer to be sure that is the case.  


Photographers, we strongly suggest that you imprint “© [YOUR NAME]” on all images that you post. Please remember that the group uses your posted images for promoting the group, our events, & the models. Remember that every time one of your images is posted by the group it is also promotion for you, but only if your name is on the picture, or you are otherwise identified as the photographer.  If you object to your images being used by the organizers for event promotion, we understand; just do not post them on the NiNPAR site, and they will not be used.


NINPAR requires blanket permission (model releases)  from all of the models to use their NINPAR 2013 images in our promotional material for both this and future events.


Ramblewood & NiNPAR rules may on occasion conflict  If that happens, your activities must be within the bounds of both sets of rules. Needless to say, the broader laws of society must also be observed.


These rules are evolving, they will be updated as required.